Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

To prolong the life of materials and ensure you do not compromise your warranty
you should carryout regular inspections of your property. Maintenance issues won’t
go away on their own, but left unattended they will get worse.


  • Wash the exterior of your house using hose pressure water and a mild detergent.
  • Clean windows inside and out. For aluminum windows, ensure drain holes are not blocked.
  • Wash down your heat pumps exterior unit and ensure it is not covered or over grown.
  • Have your chimney cleaned ahead of the autumn rush (this may be a condition on your insurance).
  • Clean and seal your decks to maintain a safe surface and prolong the life of the timber.
  • Clean filters – Dryer, Air-conditioning, Water.
  • Clear gutters, unblock downpipes and repair any leaks.
  • For brick cladding – check breather holes are clear and free of spider webs.



  • Check your Smoke Detectors and change the batteries if you did not do so at the change to daylight savings.
  • Review your home Emergency Plan.
  • Refresh your Emergency Survival Kit.



Prior to undertaking any works it is imperative you consider your safety and the
safety of those around you. If you are not competent or do not have the correct
equipment you should not attempt the task yourself – contact a local service provider.


“There is no such thing as a Maintenance Free Home, some homes are
Low Maintenance but still require attention”.

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