6 ways to put burglars off your place

AA Burgular

Wherever your home is – from Bluff to the winterless North – you’ll no doubt shop around to make sure your belongings and home are insured by the experts. But, what do you do to protect your home from break-ins in the first place? It doesn’t take much to deter most burglars if you follow simple home security tips and remain vigilant. Here are six ways to beef up on your home security.

A quarter of New Zealanders surveyed in the AAI Insurance Home Security Survey 2015 have had their homes broken into. Yet, only 51% of people have window locks, 49% have deadlocks on doors, and 34% an audible alarm system. The outtake is, with home security generally, Kiwis need to get serious.

1. Lock ‘em up!
It’s obvious but surprisingly easy to forget: always lock your doors and use good quality locks. Even tools and ladders should be locked away, because they can help burglars break in. Get in the habit of locking your car every time you get out of it, and even lock up your bike and other outdoor items when they’re in the garage. Remember not to leave your keys lying around in plain sight and keep house keys and car keys separate.

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