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MyPropertyPlan Keyrings

A free service* reuniting owners with their lost keys. We offer this service as part of our commitment to providing clever tools for property owners – and of course we hope to build our brand identity through association.

What is the MyPropertyPlan keyring?

Most of us have lost our keys at some stage and hopefully they turned up safely. Having your name or contact details on your keyring is not advisable as your property could be identified and accessed by a dishonest person who has picked up your keys.

The MyPropertyPlan keyring features a unique serial number and a dedicated Post Office Box number. The finder simply drops your keys into a NZ Post letter box (no envelope or stamp required) and we return your keys as quickly as possible.

How it works

We give you a free keyring with a freepost address and a unique serial number. You attach the keyring to your keys and register your serial number against your MyPropertyPlan subscription (including free subscribers).

Hopefully you never lose your keys, but if you do… the finder has the option to freepost your keys to our Post Office Box. We identify the owner from the unique serial number and contact you to advise your keys have been found.

You will need to provide a description of the keys (type, number or other features). Once confirmed we will dispatch by courier and you will be reunited with your keys, avoiding the hassle of sourcing new keys or changing locks.


Found keys will be returned to MyPropertyPlan paid subscribers for free. *Non-paying subscribers will be charged an administration fee of $25.00 to have found keys returned. MyPropertyPlan will dispatch found keys by courier within two working days of confirmed ownership.

MyPropertyPlan does not assume any responsibility for lost keys and can only return keys received at our nominated Post Office Box.

Get your FREE keyring…

Just Type “Keyring please” in the comments box

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